The Dash/Plus System ...


"Dash/Plus is a metadata markup system I created for paper based notes to mark the status of action items on a todo list. It quickly evolved to be equally well versed at marking up meeting notes for easy scanning and processing. This is mainly designed for those who keep lists or take notes using pen or pencil and paper.

"I first wrote about this system in a 2006 whitepaper that outlined most of my productivity tools and methods at the time. Much has changed since then but the dash/plus system remained steadfast and is still in use by me (and many others now) every day."

The fruits of my first day's labor with Patrick Rhone's Dash/Plus analog mark-up system.

Today ... first time I learned and used Patrick Rhone's Dash/Plus System. It's quite ingenious in its logic and simplicity at marking, organizing and implementing to-dos and notes, and everything in between. It's easy to see with a quick glance the status of each and every line item. It just makes so much sense to me, and pretty much works right into my current system and setup. I think I'll continue implementing this in the next few days, and see how it translates to personal productivity and organization. (Bonus: great use of fountain pens and paper.)

Check it out, here.