Interview with Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal on the future of light field technology ...


"Lytro’s research into the world of light field technology has produced two consumer devices. Their first camera was released in 2012 and introduced photographers to the concept of being able to refocus images after they had been taken. Then in 2014, Lytro released their flagship: the ILLUM. Armed with an integrated 30-250mm f/2.0 lens, a 40 megaray sensor, and upgraded software, Lytro was ready to show the world that their technology wasn’t just a gimmick.

"To learn more about the current state of Lytro and where the company is headed, we spoke to CEO Jason Rosenthal. Battling heavy critics of light field technology, Rosenthal talked to us about what his vision for the future is and why the technology will introduce an even bigger revolution than color photograph did when it was first introduced."

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