Why Android and Windows should embrace RAW photography before Apple catches up ...


"RAW files can dramatically improve photography on the go, but Android and Windows need to push for stronger mobile support first.

"Apple dominates mobile photography. A quick look at Flickr’s camera finder shows Apple devices are far ahead of any other brands for image uploads, including traditional camera makers like Canon and Nikon.

"But that’s not because Apple makes the best cameras. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Oppo and others all deliver photos just as good or better, but Apple has built a strong reputation over the past few years, going so far as to print full size billboards in its “Shot with iPhone” campaign.

"If Android and Windows manufacturers and developers want to catch up to Apple’s mindshare in the space, its cameras have to beat theirs by a wider margin.

"The good news is that many Android and Windows devices already support a powerful feature to help solve that problem: RAW photography. The bad news is that hardly anybody uses it."

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