10 unsung graphic design visionaries you should know ...


"'Visionary graphic designers will always be less visible than visionary architects or product designers because of the ephemeral nature of what they produce,' writer Caroline Roberts says. Her new book Graphic Design Visionaries (Laurence King, 2015) covers 75 influential practitioners spanning the well-known—Otl Aicher, Saul Bass, Stefan Sagmeister—and those not typically celebrated outside of the graphic design profession.

It's the latter who have shaped the world around us in some profound and unexpected ways, from how we visualize data to the look of women's magazines. 'It’s unlikely that many of the designers featured in the book woke up one day and decided that they would try and change the world through graphic design,' Roberts says. 'What links them all is a desire to break new ground, combined with a need to push standards higher.'"

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