The complete guide to creative lens distortion ...


"We are bombarded by thousands of images every day. Many of these we instantly forget, but some catch our eye and it’s those images that we remember. So how can we make sure that our portrait images are the ones that get noticed and are remembered?

"The next time a photograph catches your eye, take note of what it is that attracted your attention. It could be any number of things, such as an image that tells a story or an image that makes you look at it a little longer because your eye has to do a little more work. It’s these types of photographs, the ones that give our eyes a bit of a workout, that I want to explore.

"There are many ways to achieve this ‘visual workout’, but I want to look at a number of in-camera techniques that are often the most successful. You can get interesting results with software and apps, but certain looks can never truly be recreated with filters and plug-ins alone, so good old fashioned camera tips and tricks are a great place to start.

"One of the most successful ways to create interesting in-camera results is through lens distortion. The basis for this technique is using anything that distorts the light as it enters the lens. This involves shooting through a variety of transparent objects, such as glass and plastics, or using an even more creative solution to get the desired results.

"Here are some of my favourite ways to create interesting and arresting images that make use of lens distortion."

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