Figuring out where 350 million dollars went ...


"Did you know that Apple is the world’s biggest camera seller?

"The camera on the iPhone is not the best in the world, but it’s the most popular, it’s always with you, and it’s increasingly consistent in a multitude of settings.

"Because of Apple’s tight control of their entire stack (hardware, software, and services), they’re able to create unified experiences that other camera companies simply aren’t capable of.

"Apple’s capital enables their R&D spend, which, when coupled with their expertise with industrial design and semiconductors, allows them to push their mobile processors beyond the capabilities of their competitors whilst crucially being able to manufacture their inventions at a large enough scale to bring them to market feasibly and affordably for their customers.

"The likes of Canon and Nikon are simply not capable of creating a 64-bit chip that allows the kind of raw processing power of the iPhone 6 Plus, and they do not do so even in their most expensive DSLR offerings."

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