Where the Caitlyn Jenner VF cover failed ...


"It was a one-time opportunity. A threshold moment. Never before had a transgender person been so widely recognized, presented on the cover of an internationally-known magazine for the purpose of coming out, or into their own. It was an opportunity to mirror every single transgender person who had tortuously and silently paved the way. It was an chance — as not just a model, but a role model — to reflect everyone on that path. And what happened is that the news and entertainment industry, with Ms. Jenner at the head of the pack, made this moment as much or more about vanity.

"There’s something weird in the culture when the exhibition of vanity is so equated to empowerment.

"But then, who would have any problem with that? In finally throwing off the lie and being herself in her own skin, who could take issue with her being whoever she wanted to be? Given the milestone, the country (the blue-purple part of it, anyway), and certainly, the LGBT community, were already on their feet. I’m not sure of another instance, though, where so much came down to one photograph."

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