Photos of Apple Watch you've never seen before ...


The pictures we’ve seen so far of the Apple Watch come from either Apple’s own sleek marketing materials—the watch set against unsullied white background, or, snapshots of the watch strapped on hairy wrists of predominantly male tech reviewers. And then there are a some pictures peddling stands and cases and accessories for it. Our visual access to the Apple Watch, at this point, is still quite limited. We have yet to see the Apple Watch in other interesting and surprising photographic context such as mainly a fashion accessory, as a lifestyle object, and most important of all, as a personal item.

We know that this technological marvel of a very personal device cannot and will not exist in such a vacuum for long. As distribution accelerates and as it gets into the hands of more and more individual owners from all over the world, we can expect to begin seeing pictures that portray the Apple Watch in many fascinating and unexpected visual contexts.

Like everything else we own, wear and use, the Apple Watch is one object that we must necessarily and sensibly view as a fashion accessory that needs to match with our other personal belongings. In terms of design, fashion and style, this is one exceptional, standout item that must nonetheless blend well with others. And from it, more visual explorations will spring.

In this series of iPhone shots (post-processed with the Formulas Photo Lab app developed by Samer Azzam), I photographed the Apple Watch out of its sublime isolation, putting it in certain scenarios that associate it with other personal objects I already own, carry and use on a daily basis. It's a visual attempt to personalize the object, to begin the process of claiming the Apple Watch as truly my own.

It won't be long now before we see more pictures of the Apple Watch in pretty much the same way we view all our other stuff, as a common and familiar object. It will inevitably belong to the world in as much as the world belongs it.


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