Don't let the retouched photos of the world affect your own self-image ...


"I recently had an unusual experience. I was standing in a department store aimlessly browsing some shiny shelving that held many glittery bottles with promises of youth and perfect beauty. In the process of being pseudo hypnotized by the lovely array of bright colors, I heard a small feminine voice pipe up in the aisle behind me.

"She was fawning over the stunning portraits of celebrity beauties that held small spaces, conveniently placed right above eye level. She kept saying how perfect and beautiful they all were, and you could hear a kind of wistful tone to her phrases. The kind of tone that says, 'I wish that were me.' After a few moments of hearing her adoration, I couldn’t keep quiet.

"I walked around the corner and saw an average looking girl, medium weight, plain dress, and simple hair, no makeup. I later discovered that she is 14 and had plans on becoming a professional makeup artist. I asked her what she liked about the photographs. Her response was about what was expected. They look so perfect. They’re so gorgeous. Look at their skin. The makeup is amazing."

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