Beyond the table top, 5 mini tripods reviewed ...


"With very capable cameras getting smaller and lighter with each iteration, photographers and camera bags have adapted to hold these smaller systems. Eventually, even that carbon fiber travel tripod starts to seem excessive. When traveling with limited space and increasing weight restrictions, larger camera support becomes more of an issue. Enter the mini tripod; a class of legs and head that can hold up tiny cameras and flashes, but is also strong enough to provide a stable platform for the same full-sized gear that might otherwise go without support.

"In this group review we look at five tripod and head combinations that are larger and more adjustable than the common 'pocket' tripod, but still more packable than a travel tripod. The basic requirements for this group are: can hold up at least 8.8 lbs (4kg) to accommodate many different cameras and lenses; height adjustable so they aren't limited to shooting a few inches off a surface; yet they can be expected to fit inside a mid-sized or smaller bag."

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