10 tips to up your iPhone photography game ...


"I’ve been a commercial photographer for over 40 years. I’ve seen it all, done it all, and I’ve been a part of most industry conversations about gear, gadgets and geekdom.

"On February 18, 2011, I came to discover the joy of iPhone photography. It was a true ‘aha’ moment for me. A moment of sudden inspiration and realization that the iPhone camera would very likely become the most influential capture device manufactured in the history of photography.

"Since that revelatory moment at sunrise on the banks a picturesque island near Barbados, I have been obsessed with shooting my iPhone camera. What started as an innocent infatuation has become a full-blown deliberate fixation.

"And why not?! You always have your camera phone with you to shoot, beautify and share your everyday creations with your family, friends, fans and followers.

"iPhone photography is here to stay. It’s not an evolution…it’s a revolution! It’s not only changing the conversation about photography…it’s changing where that conversation is taking place: in the palm of our hands.

"For decades, camera manufacturers seductively bullied us into thinking that ‘image quality in photography was all that really mattered. Not the case anymore. This democratic conversation, rightly so, now has expanded to additional benefits like affordability, creativity, approachability, and productivity.

"Thanks to Apple, to some extent, everyone is a photographer and can shoot anything, anywhere, anytime."

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