The continuing ugly saga between Taylor Swift and a photographer ...

Taylor Swift's agent in UK have responded to the open letter written by a photographer (which is claimed by many as Ms. Swift's response), and in turn, the photographer writes back.

A portion of the photographer's defense is as follows:

“As a creative artist, I champion the rights of all other artists to receive an equitable something for something exchange, just as Taylor was claiming in her open letter to Apple. In our society, the most beneficial something to receive is hard currency, which is a concept nearly everyone can relate to; you trade your time, skill and energy in return for monetary gain – because earning money is a malleable benefit that can be shaped to the person who receives it.

“However, in the creative arts, there is an increasing tendency to seek nothing for something exchanges – where you are expected to apply your skill, time, efforts etc. for the benefit of a third party and, in return, receive an intangible – and sometimes non-existent benefit.”

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It looks like this isn't going to be over any time soon. As they say, the plot thickens, as the often very vocal Taylor Swift has remained quite, so far, through all these.