How to catch up on all the photo tips, tricks, and hints ...


Since I started this photography blog almost five months ago, I post anywhere between 4 to 8 curated links a day, culled from various sources online, to all sorts of articles that offer helpful and useful photo tips, tricks, and hints.

In addition, I also regularly put out photo inspirations, quotes, commentaries, and all sorts of stories that I’ve written myself and by some contributors that are original and exclusive to this blog.

In a very short span of time, all these added up to a whole lot, and pretty quickly. I imagine, in the next few months, even so much more will be added up to the ever-growing heap. All that can add up to something really significant, but sadly, many things, important things, can be missed.

This image was shot with the iPhone 6 Plus. Post-processing and image enhancement done on the iOS Photos app. Photo management on Photos for Mac OS X. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved. To see more pictures, please visit my photography website at Thanks!

My goal is sharing—in order to inspire and improve your photography. By sharing information that’s available online, interspersed with commentary and original contents, my hope is that you’ll be able to pick up nuggets that will be useful to you.

Of course, there’s nothing better than formally studying and mastering photography (or any other subject for that matter) in a very structured way through an established educational program. But that’s taking things to a whole different level.

If you just want to pick up a few things here and there that can help you improve your photography right away, or even if after you’ve taken a degree in photography and you simply want to keep updated, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

This photography blog really is for you. My hope is that you’ll make this blog one of your go-to places everyday for things photography.

You may have started checking out this blog only recently, and you might have missed the earlier part. Or, it may be that the posts just keep on coming at you at some kind of torrential pace and that you didn’t have the time to look over some of the interesting posted links on certain days when you’ve been very busy.

Well, there’s a fast and easy way to comb through all those links and everything else that has been published here so far—and that is through the Archive section.

If you notice the links on the top bar of this blog, at the right-most is the Archive. Click on it, you’ll go right into a summary list of all the most current posts. Scroll down that page, and you’ll see a complete list of everything that has been published from the very beginning, beautifully and neatly organized month by month. Incidentally, there’s also a truly helpful search bar at the top if you just want to quickly find anything in particular without having to go through all the post titles.

So, don’t worry about missing anything because everything is right there in the Archive section in case you’ve got more time to look things over. You’d be surprised that many of these linked articles are just as fresh, valuable and helpful as the first day they were originally posted online.

See for yourself how it looks like, check it out by clicking here.