How to take better pictures, the father-in-law session ...


"Dear Father-in-Law: At one point during all of our vacations and at every big family event, you ask me the same question, How come my photos look like this, and yours look so good?

"While it’s never been easy way to explain it to you at those moments, and I do love seeing you put your eye up to the LCD monitor to compose, I have always felt that the problems causing your frustration don’t lie in your camera, nor in any inherent ability of mine, but in just a few simple mechanical, physical, and emotional recalculations that, when grasped, will improve your photos from bad to… pretty good.

"Below is a very understated list of ideas that will help you do what you want to do—take a photo of your gathered family that you will be proud to show to your friends and colleagues.

There are seriously good photography lessons here that can be taken to heart. And, this might very well be a "Dear-Everyone-Else-Photo-Session" thing. Read more, here.