10 free lessons to take your photography to the next level ...

How many how-to articles and lists on photography have you read? How many of the tips and tricks and hints have you actually done or tried to do? And how many have been really helpful or truly useful to you?

It seems simplistic to assume that you can dramatically improve your photography in a snap (or a click, as the case may be), just by skimming through a list of things to do, and then putting them to use. The thing about photography is that it takes actually time to hone your skills and improve your craft. This is one of those things that requires constant practice.

So, if you think your photography is not improving, and your skills are not developing as you expected, consider seriously investing time in order to really understand and develop aspects of it.

Which aspects are we talking about here? There are 10, for starters. Focus on one at a time, and see where that leads you in your quest for better photo images.

Read the first five, beginning here.

And read the last five, starting here.