Start making better bird pictures ...


"At once challenging and wondrous subjects, birds are fast, elusive, biologically diverse, and can be stunningly beautiful. 'There are about 10,000 species of birds in the world, and their range of behaviors is very wide,' says William Majoros, a North Carolina–based scientist and avid bird photographer. 'Capturing images of them in the wild is difficult but rewarding.'

"Majoros, who was a serious bird-watcher before he even thought about photographing the creatures, believes the reward is the hunt itself. 'I recommend to new bird photographers that they try to enjoy just being in the field with the birds and have fun—don’t get stressed out about missing a great shot,' he says. Of course, this is like telling a fisherman not to worry about catching anything. 'If I get a few good photos,' Majoros maintains, 'that’s icing on the cake.'

"While their approaches vary, each of the three bird shooters we interviewed see the process as a labor of love. Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond relies on behavior-based field techniques to capture her subjects, while Finnish lensman Jari Peltomäki experiments with the aesthetics of birds in motion. And Majoros takes a scientific approach, using precise settings and powerful equipment. We asked all three to share their bird-shooting secrets.

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