Get it right in camera--shoot more, edit less ...


"One of the greatest advantages brought on by digital photography is also one of its weaknesses: the ability to take an unlimited number of photos for free. Needless to say, back when we were shooting film, especially in the last years, there were budgets for an x number of film rolls and every hired professional photographer had to stay within those limits. That also made everyone much more careful before pressing the shutter release and helped separate amateurs from pros.

"Fast forward to 2015 and you can abuse any camera in any way you want and upload a bunch of junk on the Internet without anyone saying a word about it. For the amateur photographer eager to learn the craft, the bad news is that this absence of limitations actually slows down the learning process. Simply put, you can afford to make all the mistakes you want, at your own pace and with no threats to your wallet. That's bad."

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