18 headphone brands ranked from worst to best ...


"Full-time rapper and part-time headphone brand Dr. Dre likes to say that 'people aren’t hearing all the music.' A more accurate assessment: people aren’t buying the right headphones.

"Today, the audio industry is saturated with marketing. Clueless consumers snap up name-brands at $300+ price points while merrily scrolling past better, cheaper pairs. The problem? We’re conditioned to shop by brand, rather than by true audio experience.

"It’s time for change. We set out to separate the sound from the unsound. Which brands deserve our attention, and which should customers avoid?

"After gathering the specs, review scores, and features for nearly 3,000 headphones—from budget earbuds to full-featured DJ pairs—we scored every product out of 100, based on the following factors: 75% – expert reviews (CNET, Wired, TechCrunch, What HiFi, Good Gear Guide, PC Mag); 25% – specs and features (frequency, sensitivity, noise canceling, etc.)

"The results might surprise you. In the words of Dr. Dre, 'Sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt—you never been on a ride like this before.'

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