How Ford models changed the face of beauty ...


"By some happy instinct—taste, nose, eye, or however you might describe it—Eileen could pick out the best, and with her husband’s help, “the best” would become her trademark. From the very beginning until her heyday, in the 1970s and 1980s, the title “Ford model” carried a cachet all its own. Ford models were seen as the aristocrats of their profession: thighs that stretched for miles; an expectation of blondeness, though not invariably so; and a general impression of extra sparkle, height, and slenderness—stature, in every sense of the word, including mental discipline and punctuality. They also became known in the business for turning up with every accessory needed in their model bags, from spare eyelashes to extra hairpieces—the result of Eileen’s ferocious attention to detail."

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