So, you want to buy a DSLR camera—here's a buying guide ...


"Deciding to buy a DSLR camera is serious business, for three very important reasons.

"First, you'll only realize the value of your purchase if you've also decided, or been inspired, to become a more serious photographer. Be sure that you're genuinely excited about learning and achieving more with a camera in your hands, even if you have no plans to become a professional.

"Second, you're about to make a serious commitment of hard-earned money, as even entry-level DSLRs will cost approximately $500 or more, mid-range models more than a thousand dollars and professional-grade DSLRs thousands of dollars. Be absolutely sure of your decision, so your DSLR doesn't spend most of its life in a dark closet like that set of golf clubs or the camping equipment or jet-skis forgotten in the garage.

"Third, don't be the type of consumer who buys certain products, or grades of products, simply to boost his or her ego and make his or her friends envious. That kind of one-upmanship only has limited value (if any). Instead, buy and use a DSLR camera to create a positive vibe in your life and to have the opportunity to express your artistic self."

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