Taking pictures of trees ...


Trees, to me, are endlessly fascinating. I began paying attention to trees when I first learned in grade school what trees can do and how they do it. Since I picked up my very first all-manual film camera in high school, a Canonet QL 17,  which happened to be a gift by my teacher and mentor, Shirlee Mercado, I haven't stopped taking pictures of trees. I've shot trees in many places and in different seasons. Nowadays, the convenience of having a camera in my pocket all the time, in the guise of an iPhone 6 Plus, allows me to continue taking 'portraits' of trees. I don't really think much about taking pictures of trees. Whenever I come across a tree or trees, and if it looks strangely interesting to me, I snap a picture without much thought. It has become an ingrained habit, so to speak. No matter how many trees I've photographed, I still get surprised every time by their beauty and majesty. I guess I'll continue taking pictures of trees for a long time to come.

This image was shot with the camera that's always with me, an iPhone 6 Plus. Post-processing and image enhancement were done on Apple's new Photos app for the Mac OS X. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved. To see more pictures, please visit my photography website at www.dominiquejames.com. Thanks!