Listening to Brad and Myke's The Pen Addict podcasts ...


With a chunk of time available this weekend, I got the chance to catch up a bit on a number of podcasts that I've lined up with my podcast app of choice on my iPhone 6 Plus, Marco Arment's Overcast.

Because of my keen interest in fountain pens (you might have seen some of the fountain pen photos I've shot and posted on this blog), one of the podcasts I'm subscribed to is The Pen Addict by Brad Dowdy (@dowdyism) and Myke Hurley (@imyke). I started listening to the latest episode, number 154, and I found it so engaging that I ended up working my way back to several episodes. As I listened in earnest to The Pen Addict, I began taking down notes (with a fountain pen, of course), mostly on things I wanted to know more about, and double checking it with the show notes from their website of the same name.

I've been subscribed to The Pen Addict for quite a while now, but this is the first time I got the chance to listen, as in really listen, to Brad and Myke, talk about pens and stuff. I admit I'm usually late to the party this and that way (including my appreciation for both music and fashion, which is usually a year later), but with the things I'm learning from The Pen Addict podcast now, I know that one way or the other, I'd end up listening to all of their episodes, and taking notes too.

For sure, it will take me some time to get through all the episodes, which I very much intend to do. But judging by how much I enjoyed listening to Brad and Myke so far (even when they're talking about their show's sponsors), I have a feeling that I'd probably get to listen to all episodes much sooner. It's going to be fun and valuable and so worth every minute of my time that I've already devised a very strategic plan on how to somewhat efficiently go through all of the podcasts. (Ironically, one of the strategies I've devised is to actually listen to their podcasts on normal speed, as opposed to my typical way of listening to podcasts which is twice the normal speed.)

If you want to listen and subscribe to Relay FM's The Pen Addict podcast, click here. You can also check out their very interesting blog here. And while you're at it, check out too all the other interesting podcasts on Myke Hurley's Relay FM here.