10 tips for promoting yourself and your art on Instagram ...


"It's no secret that for those in the art industry, being Instagram savvy can pay off. Leonardo DiCaprio recently purchased an artwork that he spotted on Instagram, which had been posted by Copenhagen-based Gallery Poulsen when they were at the Pulse Fair in March (see Leonardo DiCaprio Buys Art on Instagram at PULSE Fair). Zach Feuer got calls inquiring about a 3-D bust by Jon Rafman when he posted a picture of it being unpacked at the Armory Show in 2014 (see Chelsea Gallerist Zach Feuer Sees Sales Bolstered by Instagram). Supposedly even Sotheby's and Christie's employee people to, among other things, monitor Instagram accounts of wealthy collectors in search of people who don't yet collect (see Auction Houses Troll Instagram for Fresh Meat). Need any further reason to hop on the bandwagon? Here are some tips on how to sell yourself on Instagram."

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