Understanding photography copyright, on both sides of the lens ...


"Many photographers use the word 'make' to describe their process of photography. 'I made these images,' you might hear a professional say describing his work. The layman phrase, 'take pictures' or 'capture photographs' evokes a feeling that the photographer did not put any work into the image, that they simply pointed the camera and the photo just came to be. Any creative medium takes skill and Iā€™m not here to argue the artistic validity of a photograph over a painting or sculpture. But a somewhat fatal flaw of the digital age is the ease of which photography can be transferred, saved, downloaded, and reproduced in comparison to that of physical artistry.

"Copyright is designed to protect those original works from duplication and understanding copyright and how to protect yourself is a vital part of becoming a successful photographer. Understanding the law, knowing your rights and deciding how much risk to take are areas every photographer should know and practice whether they are a weekend hobbyist or make a living off of their work. Taking precautions before they become problems will save you time and money as well as keep your reputation safe."

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