On shooting yourself, in street photography ...


"If you become a student of street photography, the curriculum is littered with advice and maxims on what defines and makes a good street photograph; I use the word 'littered' intentionally – because much of that curriculum is just that ... things that can be tossed out. Within that heritage, I don’t claim to be a master, let alone a division chair or associate professor, or even a teaching assistant. But I am a student, or a ‘disciple’ of the genre if you will – one that realizes that that I will never stop learning the craft, and that beyond the techniques or gear used or the aesthetic of an image I am working to create, the genre is itself as much about a process of self-discovery, growth, and expression of who I am as it is about the final result. That may sound out of place in a discussion of street photography, but to that end, I want to state that – in this student’s opinion – what matters most in street photography is the choice and act of your presence, and shooting who you are in an image. Grab some coffee, as this isn’t going to be another three essential ways to improve your street photography kind of article."

From one student to another, this is a piece that tackles street photography in a somewhat different way. To read more, click here.