Filemaker 30, version 14 ...


"I first heard about FileMaker in the late ’80s from a friend of my parents, an octogenarian who had started several new businesses in his retirement. He was a huge Mac fan, one of the first I had ever met, and he was running his entire business with custom FileMaker databases.

"The amazing thing is that FileMaker was already a few years old at that point, and this year is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. In 1988 FileMaker was purchased by Claris, Apple’s wholly-owned software subsidiary. Claris products used to include ClarisWorks (formerly Appleworks), Claris Emailer and Claris Organizer. In 1998, the company—still entirely owned by Apple, as it is to this day—renamed itself Filemaker Inc."

Next to Photoshop and Illustrator, this is one piece of software I wish I know how to use more. Maybe, it's time to enroll in Anyway, I wholeheartedly agree with Jason Snell: The world needs this.

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