Why I'm not on Facebook ...


"So why do I shun FB? (I’ve been told ... that there’s a 'Butch Dalisay' FB page, but I have nothing to do with it, and have no idea what it contains.) I’ve been asked this question many times before, and my serious and rather ironic answer has always been that I can’t abide using the word 'friend' for people who really aren’t that. I do believe that one of the worst things that Facebook has done to language and to human relationships has been to cheapen the meaning of 'friend' and, corollarily, introducing the notion of 'unfriending' someone with a keypress, just like that."

I personally know three people who are not on Facebook: my mother, my brother, and, my friend Butch Dalisay. I know why my mother and my brother chose not to be on Facebook (though I don't necessarily agree with them); and now, I also know why Butch Dalisay is not on Facebook. The points raised by Butch Dalisay in his essay are certainly valid, but the question is, do you agree with him? Read the whole post, here.