Products to use on your quest to take the perfect selfie ...


"No matter what your thoughts are on Kim Kardashian West, you have to admit one thing: Her selfie game is strong. Short of hiring professional photographers and lighting specialists to follow you around and snap photos, how are you supposed to compete with her high-quality Instagram stream?

"The answer: Selfie hardware. The perfect selfie isn’t taken with a straight iPhone—you need extra boosters, such as fancy lighting, wireless remotes, and lenses for your iPhone’s front-facing camera, in order to master the selfie technique.

"Of course, you’ll need to use all this hardware without looking like you’re using any hardware, because the perfect selfie also hits the exact balance of professional lighting, staging, makeup, and casual uncaringness. Your photos need to say “#WokeUpLikeThis,” without looking like you actually ... just woke up.

"It’s not easy to master, I admit, but these seven selfie-focused products will help you go from newbie to pro overnight."

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