Camera enthusiasts are intense ...


"After posting a short Tool Kit article titled 'Leica Cameras Have Eye-Popping Prices, With Photos To Match,' New York Times writer Nick Bilton was surprised by the aggressive influx of 'vehement messages from all kinds of photographers and camera fans' that filled his email inbox. Not only did Canon and Nikon fans attack him for not writing a similar piece about their favorite brands, but many Leica fans were also quite critical of his very positive article, as well as his selection of 'experts' quoted in the piece, including Christopher Michel and Ken Rockwell."

Wait a minute! Is the same Nick Bilton who, more recently, claimed wearable tech such as Apple Watch can cause skin cancer?


"I debunk today with a heavy heart, one that is filled with sorrow. Another silly science piece has been emitted to the readers of the New York Times, and zapped into their social media accounts. The 'Disruptions' column in this morning’s Thursday Style section—posted online Wednesday—lays out the health risks of wearable technology. Could that Apple Watch or Google Glass pressed against our skin be dangerous—could cancer-causing radiation be their killer app?

"To be honest, I feel a little bad. The column, by tech writer Nick Bilton, is so absurd in its analysis, so specious in its stats, and so annoying in its analogies that I wonder if we shouldn’t just avert our eyes and pretend it never happened."

Yup, it's the same Nick Bilton.