Tomorrow ...



When I wake up tomorrow,

I would like to see you rise with the sun,

bathed in gold like the sleeping lake,

soft like the clouds cradled in the sky,

gilded in silver lining, in happiness brim.


I want to sail with you

on the boat we rowed together,

those happy times we paddled smoothly,

even when rough waters almost threw us over,

we laughed them off, that's what I'll remember.


When the birds start to sing

let us take a walk along the lake

see how the trees keep growing,

mighty and proud against the wind,

like them be strong for me or I will wither.


On the shore where some shells lie,

adorn the warm sand, glisten in the sand,

lt's pick them up and take them home

so I can remember your carefree smile,

hold on to them with me till the day I die.


When the sun begins to st in the amber sky,

sit with me on our old wood bench,

think not about yesterday, all days that passed,

I am full of the joys of this solitary day,

let tomorrow be a gift lovely as today.


Note: This poem is excerpted with the author's permission from the book Scattered Pieces: Poems of An Ordinary Life by F. Apollo M. Arenas. Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved.