The best selfie sticks, according to DPReview ...


"When using the camera you have with you for serious photographic pursuits, sometimes the visual elements present in the scene lack that personal connection so critical in modern photography. Perhaps some critical social commentary might be best conveyed with a collective portrait of you and your studious colleagues engaged in serious, artistic pursuits. Or perhaps you just woke up at Coachella and need to find out how far your pants have crowd-surfed.

"All of these situations call for that groundbreaking coalescence of technology, dexterity, and tubing, known as the selfie-stick. Yes, that indispensable, yet pocketable, imaging support system that provides just the framing flexibility that almost all photos require, but very few human limbs can provide. To help with the time-consuming and intellectually agonizing pursuit of selecting the perfect selfie-stick, we have collected some of the industry stand-outs for your edification."