Do your own thing ...


"Doing your own thing is quite possibly the hardest thing ever. If it were easy, everyone in the world would be doing his own thing. Most of the time, you’re doing other people’s things. Their things might not matter all that much to you, but they’re not that bad, and besides, those people have more money than you do, and you need their money to (one fine day) do your own thing. You think that’s fair, and it is, for a while. For years. That kind of work, though, it just takes more from you than it gives back. Why? Because you do it mostly for money, and mostly to give money to those whom you love, so you get back love, but you don’t get back creativity. Only creating for its own sake creates more creativity."

This is so good. Read the whole piece, here. It will only take you 5 minutes, so worth the time you spend reading it and thinking about it.