Signed, sealed, delivered ...


"In January, I received a thick envelope out of the blue; it was packed with eight pages of yellow legal pad paper, folded over three times, bearing lines of barely legible scrawl. I sent a long letter back, and received a longer one in return. Finding myself in the middle of this unexpected exchange — consisting of 8–10 pages per turn — that has broached questions of belief, faith, and vocation, I’ve wondered how we’ve come to know each other better now than when we lived in the same city?

"In fact, I am shocked by how significant this correspondence feels. More weighty than a hundred small talks that resemble overplayed reruns on the Lifetime channel. Our medium of choice happens to be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and nearly obsolete, but it’s one of the best and most meaningful things in my life right now. This only confirms my long-held suspicion about technology: networking, speed, and frequent connection aren’t correlated with depth or intimacy."