Famous photographers share 225 tips to inspire you ...


"Digital Camera World has interviewed some of the best and most famous photographers in its time. Martin Parr, Rankin, David Doubilet, Jill Furmanovsky, even celebrity photographers like Bryan Adams (yes, that Bryan Adams). it’s an impressive roster of talented lensmen and lenswomen.

"Here, we gather together some insightful words of advice from more than 50 of our interviews. Famous photographers from a wide range of disciplines offer their top tips and photo ideas, as well as provide insight into the best practices that helped make them famous.

"Professional photographers of all tastes and abilities will be inspired to shoot better portraits, landscapes, travel and wildlife shots, and more."

This massive compilation lists a whole bunch of truly interesting and fascinating tips, hints and insights that you can try and apply. It's all the inspiration you will ever need, and well worth the time spent reading and learning them. Click here to get started.