What Apple's retina display means ...


"Apple loves to give catchy names to its tools and technology, like the Retina displays it touted during its recent iMac computer announcement. But what does Retina display really mean—and why does it matter to you?

"'Retina' is Apple's term for a high pixel-density display—a screen packed with so many pixels you shouldn't be able to see the individual cells with your naked eye. It's more than just the resolution of the display; it's the pixels per inch (PPI). The closer you hold a screen to your face, the more ppi is needed to achieve ultra-sharp detail. That means a phone is going to need a much higher pixel density than a TV.

"Regardless of whether it's called Retina or something else, the difference is obvious. These high pixel-density displays make text sharper and pictures more realistic. All of this translates to less eyestrain, something we all benefit from because we stare at screens most of our waking hours."

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