Humans Of New York to top NYTimes bestseller list the 2nd time ...


"If you want to see an example of a photographer 'killing it' in the Internet era, just look at Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. In the short span of 5 years, Stanton’s portraits and interviews of strangers have grown into a global phenomenon with tens of millions of faithful fans.

"In addition to having 15+ million followers on Facebook and 4+ million on Instagram, Stanton will be the man behind two New York Times bestsellers after this weekend.

"The Online Photographer reports that Stanton’s book 'Humans of New York: Stories' will officially take the #1 spot for hardcover nonfiction books when the New York Times publishes its Sunday Book Review.

"Stanton’s first book, Humans of New York, also shot to the #1 spot after it was published two years ago, in October 2013."

Fame, fortune, and success for a photographer are all increasingly becoming harder and harder to define and quantify. Who is to say what fame, fortune and success is really like today?

Brandon Stanton, as a photographer, has many detractors, some of which are very well-known and well-regarded in the international photography community. One primary criticism leveled at Stanton is that his work as a photographer is not really "compelling enough photography," and that there's nothing extraordinary about his portraiture work.

However, two things cannot be denied: through the years, Stanton's stories of the people he photographed generated massive interest worldwide, and that, in this Internet day and age, he is an unqualified success because of the incredible attention that his pictures and stories have generated.

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