Are museums going the way of the Sunday funnies? Google certainly thinks so ...


"How important to the public is art, in the general attention economy of 2015?

"The art world is a cozy subculture, and like subcultures everywhere it has a great belief in its own merit and values. Unlike other subcultures, though, it tends to confuse itself with Culture as such, making it somewhat difficult to get perspective on where it really sits in the world.

"For instance, it is repeated often that art is having its moment, that it is having a big breakthrough to a broader public. But the National Endowment for the Arts tells us that overall visitors to galleries and museums has been shrinking for quite some time, despite the blockbuster shows and giant advertisement campaigns. One's own immediate experience can be deceiving.

"And so I turned to Google Trends, the handy-dandy tool that gives you a snapshot of where Internet appetites are going.

"I plugged in the names of some of my favorite museums. And what I found, almost universally, is that according to Google, 'Search Interest' in museums has steadily declined over the last decade."

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