Sound decision ...


"As our tools and machines have become increasingly digital, they’ve also become increasingly silent — and many of those natural cues and signals have disappeared. Instead, we rely on noises that have been selected or created to give a specific effect."

When you take a picture with your digital camera, it makes a clicking sound, right? This clicking sound signifies that you've successfully taken the action you intended and that an image was produced as a result. Digital cameras don't actually make a real clicking sound when you hit the button to take pictures. The sound we hear is actually designed and programmed to emit in conjunction with the act of taking shots. This is called a "sound signifier." Sound signifiers are sonic pieces of sound engineering that is an integral part of our digital interfaces. We need these to clue us in on what's going on with our machines. Without sound signifiers, if our digital devices are silent, we wouldn't be able to tell most of the time what's going on and if what we wanted to do is being done or has been done.

This is a fascinating piece about the design and the process behind designing sound signifiers in our digital devices. It's worth reading. Here.

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