Voigtlander rangefinder cameras are no more ...


"Sad news in the world of film photography ... the Japanese camera and lens company Cosina announced that it is discontinuing the Voigtlander Bessa 35mm rangefinder camera and a host of accessories and lenses for them. The Bessa R2M, Bessa R3M, and Bessa R4M are no more.

"Over at Rangefinderforum, CameraQuest points out that just a few years ago, Voigtlander was the only brand that offered all 4 major 35mm rangefinder mounts: Leica screw, Leica M, Nikon Rangefinder, and Zeiss Contax Rangefinder.

"Due to declining sales figures, Cosina is pulling the entire Bessa lineup after discontinuing the R2A, R3A, and R4A about a year ago. Many retailers still have Bessa cameras in stock, so you can probably still pick on up pretty easily in the near future if you’d like to purchase a new one."

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