Here's how Flickr's image compression has changed since early 2014 ...


"Back in June, we reported that some Flickr users had taken to the service’s forums to complain about increasing compression hurting the image quality of their photos. We did some tests of our own and found that there was indeed significant file size and image quality differences — at least compared to photos uploaded back in 2012.

"Well, Flickr heard the grumbling of photographers and made adjustments to its image compression. Backend engineer Archie Russell has also published an article on the company’s code blog that explains the whole story.

"In the post, Russell discusses how Flickr has historically served high quality images at the expense of large file sizes. While those files were fine for desktop browsing, the advent of mobile browsing changed the game — long load times on mobile hurts user experience. As a result, the company began look into ways to decrease the file size of photos without hurting image quality in a noticeable way."

Read more, and see comparative pictures, here.