Every moon photo shot by Apollo astronauts is now on Flickr ...


"Want to browse the entire collection of photos captured on the moon by Apollo astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras? You can now do so right on Flickr.

"The Project Apollo Archive has uploaded over 8,400 high-resolution scans of photos shot by Apollo astronauts during trips to the moon.

"The images are unprocessed versions of original NASA scans. It’s a huge treasure trove of photos that includes both iconic images and blurry outtakes, all grouped into the film magazines they were exposed in.

"Archive founder Kipp Teague tells The Planetary Society that every single photo taken on the lunar surface is in the collection, as are numerous Hasselblad photos taken during the journeys there and back.

"Scrolling through the photostream feels like you’re flipping through someone’s entire set of vacation photos — except in this case, the trip was to the moon."

Read more, and see some of the pictures, here.