Gastronomical visual delights of New York City's West Village in autumn ...


"On one of those too-good-to-be-true autumn mornings in New York City, we meet with Amy Buchanan. Amy lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn; she is a rider of bikes, a lover of Broadway, an Oklahoma native and an organizer of social events as the co-founder of Spring Street Social Society.

"When we asked Amy if she’d show us around her top spots in Manhattan, and here’s what she told us: 'My favorite part of the city in the autumn is the West Village. It’s perfect because everything is so close to each other, and everything is gorgeous.' And following this mid-fall jaunt, we find we have to agree."

I tell everyone who cares to listen that I truly, truly miss New York City. It's been 5 years since I moved down south. Says my very good friend in the city, the writer David Allen: "It's too long." I do not have the energy and willpower to disagree.

Read a bit about New York City's famous West Village, here.