The invisible device that powers everything you do ...


"The Nobel Prize for chemistry was announced earlier this month: three scientists shared the almost $1 million award for their work on how cells repair DNA.

"Once again it did not go to John Goodenough, the 93-year-old physicist regarded as the father of the lithium ion battery. You probably haven’t heard of him, but for years, pundits have predicted that Goodenough would win science’s highest honor. And for good reason. His work transformed society. His is possibly the most revolutionary invention yet not to win the prize. What’s it to you? Well, your life wouldn’t be the same without his work.

"The phone (or laptop) you’re reading this on wouldn’t exist without lithium-ion batteries. Selfies, Snapchat, fitness tracking, and hoverboards wouldn’t be possible in their absence. They’ve allowed us to explore the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies by providing the juice that keeps Mars rovers,space suits and satellites running. They power the devices that help sickly hearts pump blood and that magnify sound for people who can’t hear well. They’re in, on and around us all the time. Just today, you’ve probably encountered dozens of lithium-ion powered appliances and you didn’t even know it."

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