What it means to be great ...


"Greatness is transcendental. It’s hard to pin down. It inspires debate. It divides as much as it unites. It creates emotions as much as thoughts. It builds legends. It engages and persists. It lives in memory and penetrates culture. It implants itself in our consciousness persistently, to linger and dwell in our minds while we are bombarded with stimuli.

"We use words such as 'iconic' or 'epic' to capture this permanent 'mental tattoo' that we get from greatness. As important as this notion is, we struggle to define it. We don’t even have a proper word for it. Perhaps it is what art tries to be, or what drives us to achieve beyond surviving. As vague a notion as it may be, it is one of the most important notions I can think of. Greatness is the cause, perhaps, of our ascent.

"In the absence of any measurement of greatness, how do we spot it? It may just be down to 'knowing when we see it.' But not everybody does."

Fascinating. Read it, here.