Hello, again ... and thank you, next!


To say that it has been a while is an understatement.

I was doing something doggedly on this blog for more than two straight years, and it wasn’t going anywhere.

So, I stopped and took time off to re-think my approach.

Here we are, the year 2018 drawing to a close, with 2019 hot on its heels—the perfect time to prime the “blogging” pump, so to speak.

As you might expect, things didn’t come to a complete standstill when I stopped blogging.

In fact, I actually got very busy doing all sort of stuff. As they say, life happened:

This is an Apple AirPod case from  Moore & Giles , one of the photo images I recently posted on my constantly updated  Instagram  account.

This is an Apple AirPod case from Moore & Giles, one of the photo images I recently posted on my constantly updated Instagram account.

  • I had a one-man museum fine art photography show featuring large color print formal portraits of 24 Filipina women I admire in little community in the United States. It turned out to be the most well-attended exhibition opening in the museum’s history. And I count myself lucky to have received so much support for this month-long exhibit.

  • I got myself a couple of drones and started flying these damn things all over the place. And yes, it’s a lot of fun.

  • I revisited and re-evaluated the stock photography industry and thought it best to jump into the fray once more (with the right approach, this time) through Getty, Adobe, Shutterstock, and Alamy.

  • I made sure that my official online portfolio is regularly updated, all the while keeping up with my social media game on Instagram and elsewhere.

  • I also made sure to brush up, advance and refine my knowledge stock and skills set. I picked up a couple of certificates—one from New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, and another from Duke University, Emory University, and The University of North Carolina on Chapel Hill. I also re-learned Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and others.

  • I’ve beefed up my professional photography gear for both in-studio and location work with lots of significant upgrades.

  • Best of all, I think—I picked up more gigs.

Not bad, eh, for the things I was able to do. But the question begs to be asked: What for? Well, I can only think of one answer, then and now—for the love of it!

At the cusp of 2019, it’s time to move on again.

Ariana Grande puts it best: Thank you, next!

What McDonald’s Menu items look like before and after image retouching ...


It’s no secret that photos of menu items undergo retouching to make them look more presentable and appetizing. Similar to many other food brands, McDonald’s applies these edits to its ads. 

This particular story shows you before-and-after image retouching of some of McDonald's menu items. That's what the title says. And they show pictures too. And yet, I can't help but feel the author is making some kind of statement, a dare of some kind if you will.

Well, let me ask you, as you seem to imply, Yong Sang Wong: The problem is ... ?

You see, every now and then, I come across articles and stories like this that has some kind of passive-aggressive stance towards Photoshop and Photoshop artists.

This may seem a very simple matter to most people, you included, but I'll be the first to tell you that it's not as simple as you think it is. There's a whole lot to unpack here.

Seriously, people .. what is the problem? Do you want to talk about it?

Let's hook up on Instagram


I’m on Instagram, along with millions of others. On my small corner at least, I am very active on Instagram. I post pictures on Instagram at least once a day. And on many days, I post more than one photo.

I can’t tell you exactly how I got hooked on Instagram, but I am. I realized, not long ago, that I’ve been posting a bunch of photos. Not dumping just any picture or anything like that, but curated photographic images from the so many that I’m always taking with different cameras, and posting them for for all to see.

What kind of pictures will you see on my Instagram?

Well, there are many different types.

You’ll see: pictures of amazing places from my frequent travels (consider it my “wish-you-were-here” postcards), pictures of savory food that I enjoy (occasionally, food that I cooked myself at home), pictures of awesome products that I love to collect and use and want to share with you (such as fountain pens, headphones, Apple stuff and Apple-y things, among others), pictures that are intended as fine art photographic images in black-and-white and full color (something that you might want to hang on your home and office walls), and then there are also pictures of some of my commercial and advertising work (many of which are outtakes from studio and on-location photo shoots that I’ve done). And, of course, every once in a while, I shoot and post very experimental photos--something quite strange, something quite different.

I enjoy sharing pictures on Instagram. And I would like it very much if you take a look at them.

Also, I would like it if you can tell your friends to take a look as well.

On this website (which you can bookmark), you will instantly see a spread of the latest 20 images culled directly from my Instagram feed - https://dominiquejames.net/instagram.

From your web browser, you can also see the latest images directly - https://www.instagram.com/dominiquejames/.

And, if you’re on Instagram, we can definitely hook up with each other and check out each other’s photos. I've made so many fascinating connections with so many awesome people from all over the world.

On the Instagram app, look me up and add me — @dominiquejames.

By the way, as much as I enjoy posting photos online for all to see, I also very much enjoy looking at the amazing pictures that you and everyone else post online. It's an awesome experience to see what everyone else is up to, pictorially speaking, that is!

So, I think it’s going to be fun and surprising, and kinda amazing.

I promise. Let's hook up!

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