Canon G1 X III vs. Sony Cybershot RX100 V ...


The year is 2017. Smartphones have rendered the $200 compact obsolete, and they're creeping up on $500 interchangeable lens cameras. Things look bleak. But lo! Camera manufacturers have stumbled upon a niche market that can soften the blow they've been dealt by mobile devices: the ultra-pricey premium compact.

Sony is five generations deep in the category. Canon offers a variety of large sensor compacts, but none have looked quite as promising as the G1 X Mark III. If you're set on investing in a seriously capable compact, no doubt these two cameras will be on your list. Here's how they square up.

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The iPhone X and digital lighting will change photography yet again ...


There’s a feature tucked away in the new iPhones that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of traction, but it represents a massive sea change in photography. It’s the “Portrait Lighting” mode, and it’s the second shot across the bows of traditional photography from the world of computational photography.

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Canon 6D Mark II sensor is good but it trails Nikon and Sony, says DxOMark ...


The camera gear testing lab DxOMark has just published its review of the Canon 6D Mark II. The conclusion is that the DSLR’s sensor is “very good,” but it trails behind the latest and greatest sensors by both Canon itself and the rival brands Nikon and Sony.

DxOMark gave the 6D Mark II sensor an overall score of 85.

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10 types of camera bags and what to ask before buying them ...


If you have ever shopped for a camera bag, strap or case, we know your pain. There are so many options—too many options in the minds of some. After all, they’re just camera bags, how different can they be? Well, camera bags, while not having intricate image sensors, screen resolutions, or megapixels, are complex in their own ways. The following guide is meant to help you navigate the wide world of camera bags, straps, and cases to find the best solutions for you by suggesting some questions you should be asking yourself or your knowledgeable B&H Photo sales professional before you make a purchasing decision.

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Review: The Profoto AI is a simple and naturally beautiful flash ...


We all know and love the legendary lighting manufacturer that is Profoto. For decades, they have produced and supported the most durable, powerful, and consistent lighting equipment for professional photographers around the world.

In recent years, they have pushed the lighting industry forward with the introduction of the B1 and B2 and their OCF system. These new lights have changed the way photographers work by allowing for unheard of flexibility and mobility. Ever the innovator, Profoto just gave us something we’ve always wanted, but never thought to ask for.

Profoto just announced the A1, an on-camera flash, with full integration into the Air-TTL system that we’ve come to know and love.

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Adobe Scribbler uses AI to colorize black-and-white portraits and sketches ...


At the Adobe MAX 2017 conference ... the engineers at Adobe Research showed off a deep learning system called Project Scribbler that can transform a line sketch or black-and-white portrait into a fully colorized and realistic image. The technology utilizes Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology to generate a realistic color image based on a partially-colored sketch created by the user.

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Instagram may soon break its classic grid (and all your 3x3 mosaic) ...


Instagram has long featured a 3×3 grid of photos across its platform, allowing photographers to get creative and create larger photo mosaics by uploading the individual pieces as separate photos in the correct order. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort building these mosaics yourself, here’s some bad news: it looks like Instagram may soon break that classic grid (and your mosaics).

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Photographer sues New York Times over age discrimination and 'full-time freelancer' status ...


The New York Times and its photography director Michele McNally have been hit with a lawsuit by former Times' photographer Robert Stolarik. The lawsuit claims that Stolarik, age 48, was discriminated against due to his age, and was also misclassified as a 'full-time freelancer' for nearly a decade.

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Profoto A1: The world's smallest on-camera studio-type strobe light ...


Profoto has just announced the A1, the lighting brand’s first-ever on-camera flash. It’s also what the company calls “the world’s smallest studio light.”

“Our focus with the A1 was to create a flash that delivers a truly high quality of light, which is why it features a round head which delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a pleasing soft-smooth fall-off, that blends seamlessly with the ambient light,” Profoto says.

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A handy new site that converts iOS 11's .heic photos to JPEG ...


Apple’s new HEIF/HEVC photo formats will make it trickier to use and share iPhone photos in a world still dominated by JPEG images. Luckily, is here to save the day with an easy-to-use conversion service.

iOS 11 will mean that your iPhone takes its photos in this new format rather than JPEG as we are used to in an effort to save a reported 50% in file size (with no loss of quality).

But using these new .heic files probably won’t be so simple to use readily. But, from the creators of Beamr and JPEGMini, HEICtoJPG will allow you to easily convert them.

It’s able to process up to 30 files at a time, and using the service is as easy as just drag and dropping.

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The story behind that viral 'distracted boyfriend' meme photo ...


One of the hottest memes this year is the “Distracted Boyfriend,” also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman.” It shows a man looking backward, checking out another woman while his partner gives him a disapproving look.

The photo emerged in memes earlier in 2017 before going extremely viral and peaking in August. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this meme in one form or another.

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FAA wants airlines to ban cameras and other electronics from checked bags ...


The Federal Aviation Administration wants airlines to ban cameras and other electronics from checked luggage, citing the fire and explosion risk presented by the devices' lithium-ion batteries. After conducting tests involving these batteries, the FAA found that if one were heated to the point where it caught fire near an aerosol can (think: hairspray), it could result in an explosion so quick and powerful that it would render a plane's fire suppression system useless.

One of these days, it is possible that lithium-ion will be totally banned. For that to happen, we have to 'discover' a replacement. I guess we'll just have to wait. Read more, here.

A photo booth that shoots 'professional headshots' for $20 ...


IRIS is a new photo booth that’s designed to shoot “professional” portraits of professionals for only $20. Instead of looking like typical photo book snapshots, the portraits are supposed to look like they were shot by a headshot photographer with studio lighting.

You can pay for your shoot on the IRIS website before visiting a booth, or you can make your payment at the booth itself.

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