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Dominique James

Dominique James

Dominique James is an experienced international commercial and fine art photographer currently based in the United States. He has worked on a variety of exciting and innovative film and digital imaging projects for more than 30 years. On top of his commercial assignments, of special interest is his ongoing series of personal works that explore the many aspects and dimensions of both black-and-white and color fine art photography.

Starting in Asia, he established a successful professional career by photographing many famous people such as celebrated entertainment personalities and top fashion models, as well as high-ranking politicians and prominent socialites. In addition, he has done numerous commercial, advertising and corporate photography. Some of his international clients include Avon, Apple, Epson, Fuji, and Nikon.

To date, his images have been presented in a number of one-man and group photography exhibits. While he is best known for his celebrity portraits, his scope of work is diverse: it includes cutting-edge fashion, product, food, travel, landscape, architectural, interior, and adventure photography for advertising, commercial, corporate, entertainment, fashion, and media use.

His specialization covers digital photographic imaging (fashion, portraiture, products, still life, commercial, advertising, corporate, food, landscape photography), digital imaging post-production management (editing, enhancement, file management), visual conceptualization and designs (magazines, brochures, flyers, leaflets, posters, CDs).

Dominique James also regularly conducts popular models and photographers workshops. Frequently, he serves as a judge and a consultant to photography contests, model searches, beauty tilts, and talent competitions.

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Contact Information

Website: www.dominiquejames.com

Email: dominiquejames@mac.com

Phone: 1-912-246-1131

On Twitter & Instagram: @dominiquejames