Adobe debuts new Photoshop tutorial series for beginners on YouTube ...


Adobe has launched a new Photoshop tutorial series for beginners on its YouTube channel, titled “3, 2, 1… Photoshop!”

The series is hosted by Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost, and so far there are 7 videos in the series looking at different parts of the fundamental skills of Photoshop.

While the tips are probably not going to be as helpful for more advanced users, there may be little tricks that you could have easily overlooked before.

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Tips for shooting landscapes in tourist-heaving locations ...


What do you do if that one location you want to photograph on your trip just happens to be one that hundreds if not thousands of other people also want to photograph? It can be a tricky situation to navigate. Sometimes it can be straight up frustrating. After too many instances where I found myself just being irritated, I found a few different ways to approach my shots of popular destinations that allowed me to capture what I wanted without having to feel like I was fighting crowds just for my shot.

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iPhone cameras may soon get smarter with 'SmartCam' scene recognition ...


It seems the iPhone camera is about to get a whole lot smarter. A leaked internal version of iOS 11 has revealed that there’s a new feature coming to iPhones called “SmartCam.” It seems to be a way for the camera to automatically optimize your shot based on what it sees you taking a photo of.

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Nikon Director of Development: 'If Nikon will go mirrorless, it must be full-frame' ...


We've known for some time now that Nikon is working on a mirrorless camera—in fact, Nikon confirmed this to DPReview directly. But one question has remained tantalizingly unanswered: will it be a full-frame system, or simply an evolution of the old 1-inch Nikon 1 system?

The answer, at least according to one high-level Nikon director, seems to be what we were all hoping for. The mirrorless camera will be full-frame.

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Ex-Bowens employees furious about handling of liquidation ...


The 94-year-old UK-based lighting brand Bowens surprised the photo world last month when it abruptly closed shop and went into liquidation, citing the rise of cheap Chinese brands and fierce competition. The death of a beloved photo brand is (sadly) not too unusual, but former Bowens employees in both the UK and in China say they’re furious about how they’ve been treated during this process.

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An open letter to Nikon from a time-lapse photographer ...


I am writing as a longtime Nikon photographer and someone who has been working extensively with your cameras and who has written many reviews in the past years. I have been shooting in the area of timelapse photography for many years now, and have given many workshops and training sessions.

For your 100th birthday, you announced the Nikon D850, a camera that, according to your advertisement, should be particularly suited to create 8K timelapse movies.

I am especially pleased that you have now finally identified time-lapse photography as one of the important areas in which your cameras are being used.

In fact, for long a time, digital SLR cameras (and especially Nikon cameras) have become indispensable tools for timelapse photographers. Many photographers prefer Nikon cameras because of your great sensors with high dynamic range and outstanding ISO performance. But there is a lot more to consider when you want to record a good timelapse than just using the interval or timelapse feature of your cameras.

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Should you buy your next smartphone based on DxOMark ratings?


DxOMark has essentially become mainstream when it comes to providing ratings for cameras and smartphones. Anytime a new smartphone is released now, there’s a good chance that the overall camera rating from DxOMark is provided to demonstrate how much better this latest camera is. A growing number of individuals consider DxOMark to be biased and unscientific in its methods. The question is, how reliable is the overall rating or is it reliable at all. 

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These are the winners of the 2017 EyeEm Awards, the world's largest photo competition ...


A month and a half after revealing the finalists of the 2017 EyeEm Awards, the photo sharing community and licensing marketplace has finally revealed the winners.

The 2017 EyeEm Awards have a few distinguishing factors. First, if you go by number of submissions, they are the world's largest photo competition—over 590,000 photos were submitted by over 88,000 photographers. Second, for the first time in the awards' short history, all of the winning images come from a full series. And finally, this year EyeEm added a Community Vote category.

Scroll down to see all of the winning series, along with a short description of the photographer and what they were trying to capture.

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Why should you care about the Sony RX10 IV? Phase detection autofocus, that's why ...


The Sony RX10 IV is a fixed lens camera with a 1"-type sensor and 24-600mm equivalent lens that can shoot 4K video or stills at 24 fps, but that's not what we think is interesting about it. The addition of phase detection autofocus is pivotal to all of those features. If you have a little over a minute to spare, we'll tell you why. And for bonus points, we shot this video entirely hand-held with an RX10 IV and continuous AF turned on.

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