Photographer stripped of prizes after using public domain photos to win contests ...


A Swiss photographer has been stripped of two awards after it was revealed that she had submitted a Thai photographer’s public domain photos as her own to win honors in contests.

Khaosod English reports that photographer Madeleine Josephine Fierz had won 2nd prize at the Fine Art Photo Awards this year with a beautiful series of portraits of people in Thailand. She also won an Honorable Mention by converting the photos to monochrome for the Monovisions Photography Awards and submitted her photos to the Moscow International Foto Awards.

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Nine things you should know about the Google Pixel 2 ...


With all the hype surrounding the release of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and their "world's highest rated smartphone camera," it's easy to lose the forest for the trees. What's important about this new phone? Where did Google leave us wanting more? How is this phone's camera better than its predecessor? And why should photographers care about the technology baked into Google's new flagship?

After covering the launch in detail and spending some time with the Pixel 2 in San Francisco, we're setting out to answer those questions (and a few others) for you.

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Logitech's new Craft keyboard has a 'smart' dial for photo editing ...


Logitech has just announced Craft, a new keyboard with a “creative input dial” that “sets a new standard for computer keyboards.” Targeted at creatives, the smart dial should make editing photos and other tasks a lot more fluid if you’ve been wanting physical controls without going on out.

All eyes are on the creative dial with regards to this keyboard; it’s something that can dramatically ease the workflow for photographers and other digital creatives.

A touch, tap, or turn of the dial can adjust the brightness of an image, contrast, or saturation in Adobe Photoshop.

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Spekular is a modular LED light system that takes on the shape that you want ...


Spiffy Gear has just launched a new innovative LED light system called Spekular. Touted as “the Swiss army knife of LED lighting,” the modular kit consists of LED light bars that can be connected and arranged in whatever shape you desire.

Spekular is designed to be a single system that replaces things like light strips, soft boxes, and shaped lights in a photo studio.

“The system drastically reduces the number of accessories needed to create professional lighting setups,” Spiffy Gear says. “Spekular can be configured as a ring, a square, a strip, a star, a ‘standard’ panel, and many more configurations.”

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Canon shooters, pack your bags - with some new accessories ...


Whether you just picked up your first mirrorless camera or you’ve been partying with your Canon DSLR for years, there are always a few toys you haven’t managed to add to your collection and a couple you haven’t even thought of yet. Here are a few I would recommend to anyone who is looking to fill out their wish list for the coming holidays, for nearly any type of photographer.

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The Lily Drone is back from the grave, and ready to try another take-off ...


In January 2017, the company behind the highly anticipated Lily drone announced that it would be shutting down after raising over $34 million from backers. The company was quickly sued and accused of misleading people with a faked promo video. However, it looks like Lily is now making a bit of a comeback.

A California-based drone company named Mota Group has acquired the assets of Lily Robotics for a cool $750,000, and you could soon see this smiley drone buzzing about above your head soon.

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The Nikon D850 is the best camera DxOMark has ever tested, first to hit score of 100 ...


DxOMark just completed their review of the Nikon D850 and, not entirely surprising, it is officially the best camera DxOMark has ever tested. In fact, it's the first camera ever to reach a score of 100, pushing the Sony a7R II into second place with its score of 98.

As it stands now, the camera rankings put the Nikon D850 and its predecessor, the D810, in the number 1 and 3 spots.

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SanDisk launches ultra-reliable industrial memory cards that can handle extreme temperatures ...


Western Digital is working on a line of ultra-reliable, ultra-tough SanDisk memory cards meant for automotive and industrial applications. There will be an automotive SD card for use in vehicles and drones, and three industrial cards in SD, microSD and XI formats, all of which are designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges and provide even better reliability than the manufacturer's standard cards.

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SanDisk unveils the world's largest microSD card, a 400GB monster ...


SanDisk released the world’s highest capacity microSD card to date: the 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card. It’s targeted at mobile users who have a lot of data to store on their smartphones, including high-res photos and videos.

The card comes about a year after SanDisk previously broke records by creating a 256GB microSD card that was the world’s fastest of its size.

This time around, this new Class 10 card looks pretty robust, too: it’s water, shock, temperature, and even X-ray proof.

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The Sony RX0 packs pro image quality into an action camera body ...


Sony just announced what it says is “a new type of camera” with “entirely new imaging possibilities.” The new RX0 packs high-end photo and video capabilities into a pint-sized action camera body.

The camera itself measures 2.38×1.63×1.19″ (61×40.6×30.5mm) and weighs just 3.9 oz (110.6 g). It’s has a durable build that’s waterproof (down to 33ft/10m), shockproof (from drops of 6.5ft/2m), and crushproof (from forces up to 440lb/200kg).

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12 most innovative lenses this year, and beyond ...


Interchangeable-lens cameras are the hot ticket among serious photographers, ranging from emerging enthusiasts to seasoned pros. As a direct result, the world’s leading camera and lens makers have unleashed a raft of ingenious new lenses targeted at serious shooters, aimed at expanding their picture-taking possibilities. The innovative optics listed below, all prioritized to deliver high performance, also have distinctive imaging properties. They run the gamut, from long-range, mid-range, wide-angle, and fisheye zooms to fascinating high-spec primes. All of them are “keepers” that retain their value and usefulness as savvy shooters migrate to the next, more advanced camera bodies to take advantage of the latest technology.

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