Let's jam on Instagram ...


I’m on Instagram. I am very active on Instagram. I post pictures on Instagram at least once a day. And on many days, I post more than one photo.

I can’t tell you exactly how I got hooked on Instagram, but I am. I just realized, not long ago, that I’ve been posting a bunch of photos. Not dumping just any picture or anything like that, but highly curated photographic images from the so many that I’m always taking with different cameras, and posting them for you and for all to see.

What kind of pictures will you see on my Instagram?

Well, there’s many different types.

You’ll see: pictures of amazing places from my frequent travels (consider it my “wish-you-were-here” postcards), pictures of savory food that I enjoy (occasionally, food that I cooked myself at home), pictures of awesome products that I love to collect and use and want to share with you (such as fountain pens, headphones, Apple stuff and Apple-y things, among others), pictures that are intended as fine art photographic images in black-and-white and full color (something that you might want to hang on your home and office walls), and then there are also pictures of some of my commercial and advertising work (many of which are outtakes from studio and on-location photo shoots that I’ve done).

I enjoy sharing pictures on Instagram. And I would like it very much if you take a look at them.

Also, I would like it if you can tell your friends to take a look as well.

On this website (which you can bookmark), you will instantly see a spread of the latest 20 images culled directly from my Instagram feed - https://dominiquejames.net/instagram.

From your web browser, you can also see the latest images directly - https://www.instagram.com/dominiquejames/.

And, if you’re on Instagram, we can definitely hook up with each other and check out each other’s photos. I've made so many fascinating connections with so many awesome people from all over the world.

On the Instagram app, look me up and add me — @dominiquejames.

It’s going to be fun and surprising, and amazing.

I promise.

You can now read this daily photography blog from your favorite RSS reader ...


Good news!

If you like getting your daily dose of news and information from the convenience of your favorite RSS reader—on your desktop or laptop, on your smartphone or mobile device, you can now get all of the latest contents of this constantly updated photography blog by adding our RSS feed.

To get started, copy this RSS link: http://dominiquejames.net/blog?format=rss

The next step is to simply go and open your RSS reader and then add the link.

That’s it!

From important and valuable photography links with short commentary to thought-provoking quotes, from original, never-before-published exclusive photographs, interviews and long-form articles created exclusively for this blog, to amazing contributions from several regular and guest bloggers—you can now get it all on your RSS reader.

By adding our RSS link and feed to your reader, you won’t ever miss a thing again that’s on our blog.

Also, if you get the chance, please check out and bookmark the official Dominique James Photography website at www.dominiquejames.com. This photography website is regularly updated to showcase new, exciting, evocative, and never-before-seen original black-and-white and color photographs that can be licensed directly from the website for commercial, editorial, and personal use.

To get in touch for feedback, comments and suggestions, please send an email to dominiquejames@gmail.com.

By the way, thanks to Amazon.com and Lynda.com for supporting this blog.

Happy viewing and reading, and thanks!

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Camera-specific outdoor packs suck, here's what I use instead ...


If you’ve ever loaded up a large camera backpack (like something from Think Tank Photo or LowePro) and hiked a mountain, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how terrible the experience is… well, except for the views.

The narrow shoulder straps dig deeply into your shoulders and neck. The pack bounces all over, sliding from side to side. The “waist belt”—a piece of bare 2-inch nylon webbing with a buckle—does more harm than good, and executes exactly zero of the functions that a waist belt is supposed to offer. You curse the thing under your breath and mutter that there must be a better way.

And there is!

The solution I found and have been very happy with is to ditch the camera bag and go with a pack that has been developed over decades with engineering designed to handle heavy loads comfortably in all kinds of conditions and terrains: a hiking pack.

Read more, here.

Photojournalists reveal their favorite publications to work with and what they pay ...


Columbia Journalism Review recently surveyed a group of photojournalists on their favorite publications to work with based on several criteria, including arguably the biggest one – pay. As a result, they've published an article revealing the day rates for some top publications as well as some insight into other factors, such as balancing a lower day rate with exposure to a wider audience.

So by the numbers, how do top publications stack up for freelance photographers?

Read more, here.

Impressive Adobe algorithm transfers one photo style to another ...


Two pairs of researchers from Cornell University and Adobe have teamed up and developed a “Deep Photo Style Transfer” algorithm that can automatically apply the style (read: color and lighting) of one photo to another. The early results are incredibly impressive and promising.

The software is an expansion on the tech used to transfer painting styles like Monet or Van Gogh to a photograph like the app Prisma. But instead of a painting, this program uses other photographs for reference.

Read more, here.

Dispelling the myth around depth-of-field and crop factor


There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion on the subjects of depth-of-field, the difference between full-frame and crop sensors, and the ‘crop factor.’

Time and time again I see arguments surface over these topics—in YouTube comments and on camera forums.

This confusion is partly caused by the camera manufacturers themselves, due to their bad marketing habit of stating focal length equivalence in adverts, and sometimes even on lenses, or crop sensor cameras themselves. Then they fail to complete the full equivalence equation.

I wanted to create a clear and concise response to this issue, so I decided to make a video that breaks down all of the basic principles using some simple and (hopefully) clear illustrations, and then cover exactly what is needed to get a true equivalent image from completely different sized sensors.

Read more, here.

EXIF.co uses smart watermarks and more to protect photographers' images ...


EXIF.co is a new service offering photographers paid photo hosting that automatically applies smart watermarks and other protections to images uploaded to the platform. It aims to allow photographers freedom to embed and share their images on the web while limiting the risk of someone re-using their work without attribution – or flat-out stealing it.

Read more, and watch the demo, from here.