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Why I won't buy a new camera ...


"If you’re looking at a better camera body, faster lens, sturdier tripod, better quality filters, etc, what you’re telling yourself is that gear is what’s holding you back most right now. So ... you’ve mastered composition, have a deep understanding of light, are a post-processing guru, and have pushed your gear to its absolute limit. Each of your photos tells a captivating story, and the only thing that could make that story even more captivating is the better dynamic range, shallower depth of field, or better low light performance that comes with newer gear."

Ooops, I just bought a new camera last week. It's the DxO One. Believe me, I have very good reasons. It's all about the RAW image resolution and the file size and the low light capability, and the mobility, and, and, and....

So, yeah. Anyway ... click here for more.

History and irony ...


"Contrary to what you might expect, I don’t see Marcos as a one-eyed ogre, but rather as a calculating Macbeth, keenly aware of his actions and perhaps even troubled by them. In my own turn with revisionism, I’ve even managed to convince myself—as I told the BBC in a recent interview on EDSA (a part which never got aired for lack of time)—that Ferdinand Marcos may have done us a final act of kindness by leaving without ordering a bloodbath. It’s an arguable notion (one I wouldn’t put on the Official Gazette) and it doesn’t change the fact that his regime took what it could until we bled, but as a fictionist and playwright, I like to imagine characters to be more complex than they seem.

"A couple of years ago, at a cultural function in Quezon City, Mrs. Marcos preceded me by a few steps down a narrow staircase. She was clearly having a hard time navigating the stairs, and she looked back at me apologetically to say, 'Hijo, I’m very sorry I’m keeping you.' I smiled and said, 'It’s all right, Ma’am, please take your time.' I felt amused and strangely triumphant."

To read more, click here.

Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras, 10 key differences ...


"So you want a decent camera that takes interchangeable lenses? A few years ago that was easy – you had to buy a DSLR. But then in 2009 Olympus launched its first mirrorless camera, the Pen E-P1, and everything changed.

"Though it didn't change overnight. Mirrorless cameras are great in principle because they're smaller, lighter and mechanically simpler. They're also just like supersized compact cameras to use, whereas DSLRs are a bit of a jump from a regular compact.

"Enthusiasts and pros, however, have taken a bit of convincing – first, that the image quality is good enough to match a DSLRs; second, that the features and handling are comparable; third and most important, that these cameras have, or will have, a proper range of lenses to match those already available for DSLRs.

"So have mirrorless cameras done enough to be genuine DSLR rivals or, more to the point, are they already better? To help you decide, here are the key differences and what they mean for everyday photography."

In considering and buying a new camera, two factors are foremost in my mind are: if it's the best at what I want or need it to do, and, of course, if the price is something that I can afford. With these two considerations, my ultimate selection may end up being very different from others. By the way, I've always been partial to Nikon, Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Fuji. (And also Panasonic.) But as far as I can remember, I've always been intrigued by the offerings from Olympus. I have a photographer friend who uses Olympus camera systems, and he's so happy with it. I think Olympus products are as delicious as apples. Read more, here.

Tips on what and where to shoot when it gets cold ...


"Winter is only a month or two away and many photographers will find it challenging to press on through the dreary winter months; especially those of us that live in Seattle or other areas where wind, rain, sleet and snow pound the region for months on end.

"In this article, I've outlined some tips to keep your landscape photography fresh when the weather starts to head south."

Winter is coming. For obvious reasons, landscape photography when the temperature dramatically drops is more challenging than at any other season of the year, but it's a great time to capture really fantastic images. A lot of people don't like the inconvenience of the cold, cold months, but as someone who grew up in a tropical country, and has migrated to the United States only very recently, I find winter a very welcome change, and a welcome challenge. Read more, here.

iPhone 7 has 3rd best smartphone camera DxOMark has ever tested ...


"DxOMark Mobile just got done testing the much-talked-about iPhone 7 camera, and the results should satisfy Apple fans: the new phone’s camera is not only a significant improvement over even the iPhone 6s Plus, it’s the third best smartphone camera sensor DxO Mark has ever tested.

"With an overall score of 86, the iPhone 7 beats out the 6s Plus by 2 points, and is actually stronger across the board.

"Keep in mind, we’re talking about the single sensor iPhone 7, not even the dual cam iPhone 7 Plus, which should be even better. DxO hasn’t finished their review of the Plus, but the iPhone 7 sensor results are very promising."

Just third best? Still, good to know. Read more, here.

5 tips for photographers to stay safe at music festivals ...


"Strapping thousands of dollars of camera gear to your body and navigating large crowds of intoxicated fans can present unique risks to professional music photographers. Never is that risk greater than at music festivals.

"Weather instantly changes and causes mandatory evacuations. Photographers get robbed and, in extreme cases, personal assaults can come from the most unlikely place—the stage.

"The hyper-focus necessary to capture moments of live events for worldwide news and media outlets often leaves professional music photographers vulnerable to safety and security concerns."

Covering a music festival does not come close to being at the frontlines of a war, but the inherent dangers are there, and appropriate precautions must be taken for everyone's safety. Read more, here.

10 best mirrorless cameras in 2016 ...


"Once upon a time, keen photographers bought a DSLR – it was the established order of things. But the mirror mechanism of a DSLR is complex and noisy and adds to the weight of the camera, and that's where the mirrorless camera, or compact system camera comes in. They keep the big sensors and interchangeable lenses of DSLR cameras but ditch the mirror to produce a smaller, lighter and simpler camera."

As a professional photographer, it's embarrassing to admit that I haven't owned or used a mirrorless camera. I know, I'm missing something. I'm quite happy with the many cameras that I've got, but of course, there's always room for one more. Read more, here.

Before you rush from crop to full-frame, look at lenses first ...


"When learning about photography and gear, we all come across these incredible images that have been taken on a wide variety of cameras ... but usually with full frame cameras and quality glass. So people often think, 'Oh. I need full frame to take these images!'

"People don’t often consider that the glass is equally as important. More importantly, great glass is available for your current camera. The problem is that the big camera companies generally focus on developing their full frame systems and leave APS-C as a stepping stone when APS-C can produce excellent results with the right lens combo.

"The camera and the lens are equal players, and all those incredible shots were taken by people who selected gear that suited their needs.

"I cannot stress this enough."

Read more about it, here.